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The Egyptian American for Agricultural & Urban Development

The location of the activity: East Al-Owainat - Investors Road - New Valley Plot No. (9) Where the company's farm is in the middle of the East Al Owainat project in a privileged location.
The area allocated to the company: 10 kilos by 10 kilos equals: 24 thousand acres. It is allowed to plant 10 Thousands of acres of it to provide groundwater, 80 wells have been drilled, each well flows from 230 to 250 cubic meters of water Fresh water per hour, and each well irrigates an area of ​​125 acres, and the soil is sandy and under it is a mixed red layer Silt and soil analyzes are excellent. The rest of the land will be used for non-agricultural purposes, such as food industries, silos, and others.
Agricultural tenure certificate: The company has agricultural holdings and is affiliated with the Mot Agricultural Association ( Dakhla) New Valley Governorate
Agricultural crops that were planted: Wheat, corn, barley, alfalfa and Peanuts, potatoes, garlic and watermelon pulp, and there is a nursery for farming experiments compatible with environment.
Total wells reclaimed and cultivated: Reclaimed (80) wells with an area of ​​10,000 acres Previously Cultivation of most of them with crops and alfalfa for several years, which enriched the land.
Soil type: Sandy to sandy loamy, flat and flat soil, which is one of the finest types of soil for cultivation
Irrigation Water Quality: The average salinity of irrigation water is 640ppm of irrigation from a tank Oweinat through wells with 150 hp submersible water pumps to extract 230 m3/h
Licensing of wells: 71 wells have been licensed by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, and a license is in progress. The remaining nine wells
The entire road network was built, all wells were dug, and licenses were obtained for drilling wells from the Ministry of Irrigation Establishing the infrastructure necessary to live and work in the desert environment by constructing housing for workers and a mosque And technical workshops, a truck scale, stores, a semi-automatic bakery, and a supermarket in the project to serve workers and families General area
The company has been connected to the national electricity network for 31 wells, and the rest of the wells are being completed successively There is an airport in East Oweinat that is used by private planes and the army, and EgyptAir plans to To operate scheduled flights. Two roads link the region to the south in Luxor and the north to Dakhla.
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